More than just a flatbread!

High-protein bread

Piada is made of a special mix of flours, including Lupin flour, and contains almost 20% proteins

A new, surprising taste

Piada has a smooth and crispy texture which makes it an appetizing idea for your lunch, but also for a snack

Lupin is sustainable!

Meat and dairy substitutes are growing, but most are soy-based. Soy cultivation is often on a large scale and non-sustainable


We have reformulated a typical Italian street food called piadina, a flatbread filled with delicious ingredients.

The main ingredient of our piadina is lupin flour, an excellent source of proteins and healthy fats. Our new formula also contains less gluten and carbohydrate than the original one and has a high fiber content.

An alternative street food: healthy and tasty together!
It is time to Fold, Bite, Enjoy!

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A transition towards a healthier and more sustainable diet containing more plant-based foods is ongoing.

We believes in an alternative protein: Lupin

Plenty of protein, but fairly low on fat and carbs. It requires little fertilizer and pesticides and thrives in countries where soy doesn’t do well.

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